SPOT Digitale Infrarood Thermometer

De System5 SPOT serie is volledig uitgerust en voorzien van de nieuwste communicatie mogelijkheden, pyrometers voor vaste installatie contactloze infrarood temperatuur metingen. Verkrijgbaar in verschillende golflengtes en combinaties en een groot temperatuurbereik om temperatuurmetingen in een grote verscheidenheid van applicaties op te lossen.

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Designed for easy single-person installation, SPOT pyrometers integrate AMETEK Land’s world-leading infrared temperature measurements into a resilient unit that’s simple to install and position.

Powerful processing, communications and control functions deliver the accurate single spot measurement users depend on to optimise their application processes – helping you maintain high product quality and protect against costly process inefficiencies.Simple to set up, intuitive to operate, SPOT pyrometers provide a rich stream of accurate, repeatable real-time temperature data delivered locally via the unit or remotely with custom SPOT software.

Adapted for temperature measurements ranging from 0-2600 °C / 32-4700 °F, SPOT’s extensive model range also meets the individual process challenges for industries including Power Generation, Aluminium, Steel and Industrial Processing.

Everything you need is built into SPOT Pyrometers: with no separate processor required, set-up and operation is simple. Intuitive local and remote interfaces manages operational and sophisticated processing functions, while digital and analogue communications and alarm contacts are all included as standard.

Patented Bright Green, easy to see pulsed LED sighting pattern ensures optimum focus while exactly confirming the target spot’s location and size. Optics feature a motorised focus that can be easily accessed locally at the pyrometer or remotely over an Ethernet link.

By integrating sophisticated automatic beam alignment technologies that precisely focus SPOT’s advanced infrared optics, our ‘point and play’ design gives you an accurate, stable measurement, more quickly – reducing maintenance time and enabling faster process adjustments.

Every customer application is different, so the SPOT product range is designed to match specific process challenges. Through extensive hardware, software, accessory and remote sensing options, SPOT partners your needs precisely.

AMETEK Land SPOT Pyrometers are available in a range of models.