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Like many companies, you may already be winging your way around oil analysis. Perhaps trying to predict failures, or just basing oil drains on your oil analysis report recommendations. Either way, you probably know there’s a lot about oil analysis you haven’t mastered … and you might be wondering what you are missing. Wouldn’t you like to know ALL about what oil analysis can do for you? Now you can!

Maintenance professionals in Oil Analysis II (OA II) will gain everything they need to properly sample, monitor health and detect additive, thermal and particle factors that degrade lubricants via on-site tests and lab analysis. They will review case studies, read and interpret oil analysis reports and participate in group problem-solving exercises.

This course is aligned with the ICML body of knowledge for the following certification:
Machinery Lubrication Analyst, Level II Certification (MLA II) – ISO 18436-4, II

What You’ll Learn

  • Oil Sampling Best Practices; find the best sampling locations, ensure the sample is not contaminated, safely extract samples from circulating or high-pressure systems
  • Fluid Properties; root causes of oil degradation, oxidation, and thermal stress – how to identify improper additives or depletion
  • Contamination Control; most common contaminants, case studies for proactive maintenance and best filtration methods
  • Wear particles and Faults; friction in lubricated machinery, methods of detection for wear particles and instrument-free testing
  • Test Results and Oil Analysis Report Interpretation; review oil analysis reports to identify the factors which can contribute to machine failure or downtime

Extra Informatie

Instructor:   Noria’s Technical Consultants
Course Length:  24 hours
License:  1 seat x 365 days*

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