NIR Borescope

A short-wavelength radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera, designed to measure temperature profiles in furnace interiors.


Specifically designed for measuring temperature profiles inside furnaces, NIR-Borescope uses AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, near-infrared imaging to create continuous, high-definition thermal images.

By providing a cutting-edge clear thermal image unaffected by the furnace hot atmosphere/gases, NIR-B allows operators to measure from any of 324,000 live data points, enabling highly specific optimisation of furnace temperatures and fuel usage.

With 24/7 coverage via Gigabit Ethernet connection, automated alarm outputs instantly alert the user to any problems. Thermal anomalies are easy to detect, through continuous monitoring of all positions from the safety of the control room.

In addition to furnaces, NIR-B is also ideal for applications using rotary cement kilns, incinerators and boilers, in the steel, minerals, power generation and process industries.

Choice of 90 or 44 ° VIEWING ANGLE
Thermal imagers usually require large openings in the refractory wall to enable viewing of the critical area. NIR-B just needs a narrow hole in the wall to accommodate the 90 or 44 ° Horizontal field-of-view wide angle lens tip, provides an extensive measurement area

By producing a detailed 656×494 image, the camera provides continuous process monitoring, creating a live radiometric thermal image of the entire furnace and its contents. Set alarms detect developing structural issues and ensure process efficiency.

Using a high-performance water-cooling system, NIR-B is also fitted with a thermocouple at the tip of the probe. This alerts the operator if maximum tip temperatures are exceeded, allowing the instrument to be removed to prevent instrument damage.

NIR-B is AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging solution for temperature profiles inside furnaces.