NIR Borescope Glass Melt Tank

A borescope thermal imaging camera, specifically developed to return precise temperature measurements in glass furnace applications.


The NIR-Borescope (NIR-B) Glass range encompasses short-wavelength radiometric infrared borescope imaging cameras, designed to produce high definition thermal images, along with providing accurate temperature measurements from any selected points in the image. The camera measures temperatures in the range 1000 to 1800 °C (1832 to 3272 °F) and is suitable for float glass, container glass, borosilicate glass, and fibre glass melt furnaces.

Models available:

  • NIR-Borescope-656-Glass – Standard resolution (656 x 494 pixels) gives over 300 thousand temperature points with a 90° lens.
  • NIR-Borescope-2K-Glass – High resolution (1968 x 1472 pixels) gives nearly 3 million temperature points with a 95° lens.

With the NIR-B-Glass, it is possible to accurately and continuously profile the temperature of the entire furnace, including glass, refractory walls and port arches, and the crown/roof, with only a small opening in the wall. Thermal imaging inside refractory-lined furnaces, boilers and glass melt tanks normally requires the plant operator to cut large openings in the refractory to enable viewing of the critical area. This can cause significant wasted energy from heat loss and can be difficult to keep the opening free from debris. The NIR-B Glass only requires a small diameter hole through the furnace casing and refractory to accommodate the wide-angle lens tip.


The NIR-Borescope-Glass offers significant advantages over the traditional methods of furnace monitoring. The NIR-B-Glass offers continuous, labour free monitoring whereas manual visual inspection can take hours to complete, is not continuous and unreliable due to user error. A visual camera does not provide a temperature reading, with the NIR-B-Glass you can see the process and measure the temperature at any point within the pixel image and set alarms to detect air and glass leaks affecting the temperature and efficiency of the furnace.


With the new IMAGEPro software it’s region of interest (ROI) can be user-defined and trended, showing max, min, and average temperatures and by using the included Playback view you can replay events and stop at any frame to measure multiple temperatures at the same point in time, particularly useful if you  are measuring port arch temperatures at the moment of reversal.


Auto-retract systems protect the thermal imaging cameras from damage by overheating in the event of loss of water flow, air pressure, electricity supply or high borescope tip temperature alarm.

Models available:

• Pneumatic Auto-retract (PAR) System SVA Logo
• Electric Auto-retract (AR) System

The NIR-B Glass is AMETEK Land’s enhanced thermal imager for glass furnace applications.