Een robuuste, compacte radiometrische thermische procesimager die een onovertroffen nauwkeurigheid van de temperatuur biedt voor een breed scala aan toepassingen.

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Using AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, high-resolution radiometric technology, the flexible, option-rich ARC produces detailed thermal images with unrivalled precision.

With four lens options, it views any target at any distance, with outstanding clarity. Customised to the precise needs of your application, ARC provides the high-accuracy thermal images needed to provide reliable process control, product quality verification, or safety monitoring.

Sophisticated data-processing is performed within the ARC imager, with no separate signal processor required. Our powerful, user-friendly IMAGEViewer software is supplied as standard, enabling real-time visualisation of the thermal data for informed decision making. Enhanced featured IMAGEPro software is available.

The outstanding versatility of the ARC imager makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications in industries including glassindustrial processingpower generation, safety, asset management and steel.

Four lens options, two temperature ranges, two frame rates and three software variants mean the ARC provides accurate measurements, tailored to your application needs. A wide ambient temperature operating range of -20 °C to 60 °C increases your installation location options.

A robust design features IP65 (NEMA 4) sealing and accurate temperature measurements in areas with ambient temperatures up to 60 °C. Optional enclosures are available for hazardous area applications; the ARC is suitable for heavy industrial use. Its compact size and high performance makes it ideal for research and development applications, process automation and safety monitoring

The ARC offers a highly detailed 384×288 thermal image. Four adjustable areas of interest with minimum, maximum, mean and noise filters, plus individual emissivities and four alarms (high-low) per area, all configurable from the Viewer+ software package for more precise data.

The ARC is AMETEK Land’s rugged industrial and accurate thermal imager suitable for a wide range of applications.

Hazardous Area Certificiation
ATEX LogoThe AMETEK Land ARC Camera with the Hazardous Area Housing accessory indicates compliance with European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX). Please refer to the specifications tables for more information.